Why is flaccidity caused and how can I avoid it?

People’s constant quest for a perfect body has been an issue that has prevailed for years. One of the most frequent aesthetic problems in people is the presence of flaccidity in the skin. This can be due to several factors, mainly due to drastic weight loss or age. Flaccidity is the cause of the loss or wear and tear of collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for keeping the skin firm. As mentioned, it is frequent that individuals present some degree of flaccidity. In women, it is frequently due to pregnancy or hormonal issues; in men, due to sedentary lifestyle and weight.

The most affected areas are where there is more presence of muscle such as the belly, arms, and thighs. To avoid this aesthetic condition, it is recommended that people undergo constant exercise or if they already have, they can opt for tummy tuck in Mexico or continue with physical activity.

Talking about flaccidity due to weight loss, it is quite common that the person who has had some degree of obesity and lost weight can generate some level of flaccidity can be primary or severe. Recent research has determined that, if you want to lose weight without causing these conditions, the intake of amino acids is the most recommended, on the contrary, those based solely on the consumption of fruits or vegetables. Changes to avoid flaccidity start from the internal to the external.

Internally, it is essential to have a balanced diet that is appropriate to the needs of the body because a person cannot submit to a diet that can be found on the Internet search because it can severely damage their state of health. Externally, it is essential to perform exercises that help maintain skin firmness. Another action that can be performed is to undergo massages that improve the appearance of the whole skin, promoting the circulation of blood and lymph.

Just as exercise is useful, cosmetics are also an excellent option to improve the skin significantly, and not only works on the condition of flaccidity but also on other possible problems that the person may present. For this, the following actions can be performed:

  • Exfoliate the skin: Performing the exfoliation improves the appearance of the skin. The movements that are made at the time of the exfoliation allows promoting the blood flow. By eliminating dead cells, it helps specific cosmetic products to be better penetrated.
  • In areas such as the face, it is essential that before placing the cosmetic product, the individual previously generates heat, this to open the pores for the best penetration of the product.
  • In the belly, the movements that can be made are circular and with small pinches that help awaken the skin.
  • In areas such as the chest, the movements must be light, without any pressure, because this area is very delicate.

Definitely, there are many things that can be done to avoid or eliminate some form of flaccidity; for this, it is necessary the commitment of the person to make a change.