Why Do I Have Bad Breath?

One of the discomforts that can most affect a person is bad breath since this problem is usually associated with poor hygiene, but it is not always the case. The individual can take proper hygiene but still have bad breath. This condition is known as halitosis and can be caused by digestive and liver problems.

In order for the dentist in Tijuana to determine the reasons why halitosis is present in the patient, he must perform a small analysis about the person’s diet, the type of medication he is taking, the medical and dental history and finally the hygiene that you implement in your care routine.

On many occasions, the dentist will resort secondary to ask if they had noticed the bad smell because it may only be imaginary. As for the physical examination, the dentist must first confirm if the person actually has halitosis, for this, the patient did not have to have consumed any food or brushed the teeth for at least three hours before the consultation. The smell of the air coming from the nose and mouth is thoroughly examined for any difference. It is also considered if there is any problem in the prostheses if the person has.

When halitosis is detected, it should be taken into account that it is a reversible condition caused by some disease, by the intake of certain foods, by tobacco, dehydration or by drinking alcoholic beverages; Then the bad smell is temporary.


  • Protein-rich foods have a more significant impact on this condition, as do high-fat percentages, so it is advisable to lower the intake amounts of these two compounds.
  • If halitosis is caused by specific medication, you can opt for an alternative that provides the same benefits.
  • The use of hygiene products with antimicrobial functions and the implementation of dental use and mouthwashes will be recommended.
  • Fruits and vegetables are an excellent option since they have high levels of fiber.
  • Drink about 2.5 l. of water to maintain hydration of the mouth.
  • Chewing gum will help eliminate bad breath, and this can be after each meal, and with 5 minutes is enough.
  • Mouthwashes with plants, such as mentha piperita, are a good option as they clean the mucosa. The mouthwash can be done one hour after tooth brushing, and it is important that this process is carried out for 30 seconds before bedtime.
  • Pills based on essential oils or chlorophyll neutralize digestive metabolic processes.

Although many people opt for the use of chewing gum to treat bad breath, it is advisable to see a dentist because it can be a significant problem that can cause considerable damage. And there are many treatment options that the patient can implement in their daily lives, whether natural or with a chemical procedure.  One question why people don’t go to a specialist is because this condition causes them embarrassment, but it is necessary for the patient to understand the importance of going to a specialist to determine if it is not a symptom of a severe illness.