What Are The Consequences Of Biting Our Nails?

One of the most common problems in people is the bad habit of biting their nails, but what is the question that exists in this act? Well, even though aesthetically, they are not going to look at all good nails, one of the parts most affected by doing this is the teeth. Because the nails are a solid structure, the moment we bite the nails, we damage the lower part of the upper teeth and the upper part of the lower teeth. Not only is there damage in this area, but also the layer that protects the teeth is affected.

It is estimated that between 20 to 30% of the world’s population tends to have this characteristic habit, so it is widespread that there are problems with dental enamel. This type of problem is highly related to anxiety and the nerves that people have, as well as many psychologists and doctors, claim that it may be due to the situations associated with food.

Talking about the damages that can arise from having this habit, it is necessary to take into account each one to know the damages that can cause in the health of the person.


Because of the constant movement of the hands and teeth lifts the nail, there is a high probability that bacteria will enter the area that protects the nails. This can cause a severe infection in the area that can cause not only pain and bleeding, but also fungus.

Spread of disease

Since nails have many bacteria, it is likely that when we bite them, we will take those bacteria into the oral cavity, which can put our mouth health at risk. People who usually have this habit tend to suffer from aphthous ulcers and ulcers. On the other hand, children who perform this type of act can suffer from deformities in the teeth, so it’s important to go to a dentist in Tijuana.

Infections in the oral cavity

Just as there are bacteria in the nails and many of them can be very dangerous, there is a high probability that infections can arise that can damage health. People who bite their nails can get diseases caused by fungi such as Candida, which can spread more easily when it comes into contact with the wet part of the mouth.

Aesthetic problems

This habit not only affects the health of people but can also affect the aesthetics of the nails irreversibly, so it is essential to eradicate this bad habit. If this problem continues for many years, there is probably no way to eliminate the deformities generated by this habit.

What can we do to eradicate the problem?

To end this bad habit, it is crucial that we first really know the name of this problem. Specialists know it as onicophagy, and it arises as an effect of some anxiety disorder that triggers the reaction of biting the nails. This type of response occurs from childhood and may accompany the person for an extended period of life. It is important to start first channeling anxiety or what generates this effect; for this, it is necessary to go to a psychologist to help us control these impulses.

  • Since it can be a lake process, it is necessary to be patient because this bad habit cannot be eradicated from one day to the next.
  • A nail polish containing unpleasant tastes can be applied to the nails to stop the person from biting his or her nails.

People should keep in mind that this problem arises from an early age, so if you can eliminate this problem from an early age, individuals will have no future health problems.