Types of hotels and which one to choose

The quality offered by a hotel is one of the main differentiators; this is why it was necessary to evaluate the hotels to classify them according to services or quality. This, to generate in the client the confidence that the facilities fulfill the specifications that the hotel indicates. Stars and diamonds distinguish this classification. The first ones go from one to five, being the first as minimum quality and the fifth as the maximum quality. But this type of category was not enough, so it was decided to add the diamonds, which is the highest award a hotel can win.

Depending on the customer’s need, it will be the type of hotel that will seek.

Short stays, ideal for those who are looking to save money but want the basics

The hotels that fall within this classification are usually spaces that only have essential services or only the option of accommodation.  The measures of these spaces are significantly reduced and not very attractive to people’s eyes, so they are considered economy hotels. They can be a good option for those who only want to spend one night and do not have a high budget. Depending on the accommodation, they can have their bathroom, so they are known as a one-star hotel.

Short stay, but with better services

The accommodations of this characteristic are spaces similar to those of a star, this as far as the space measures, the differentiator is that they count on additional services to the basic ones, as it is it telephone and cable. They can be located in areas with a lot of tourist traffic. Some of them can have a small restaurant where only breakfast is offered, which is very basic. The rooms can have the internet and their bathroom. They fall under the category of economic, two stars.

Fair price, but with more extra services

This type of hotel focuses on offering better facilities where the guest can feel more comfortable so that the rooms can have more varied furniture. These types of hotels provide extensive services such as gyms, swimming pools, or stores. If you have a restaurant, there is more variety of food. It is ideal for visitors who want to have a moment of relaxation at a considerable price.

Expensive rooms with huge spaces

Going deeper into one of the top categories, these establishments offer much more variety of restaurants. The measurements of their facilities are considerably larger than in the past types. The furniture tends to be more elegant and of better quality. They also have deluxe rooms for events. The prices of the rooms are higher. A clear example of these rooms is the four-star hotel Baja Mexico.

Extreme luxury and too high prices

The hotels have more facilities such as tennis courts, golf courses, spas, swimming pools, among other things, so the areas are more extensive. The services and the quality they offer are considered to be luxury. It is ideal for more demanding people in terms of facilities and who have enough money to pay for a room.

Finally, few accommodations have diamonds, and this category is the maximum to which a hotel can aspire. It could be said that everything that five-star accommodations have is tripled in this category, so the prices are for those people with a higher than the regular economy. Regardless of the type the person wants, the hotel must cover the specifications it indicates to protect the client’s needs.