Tips to Take Care Of Our Eyes

Through our vision, not only can we see the things around us, but it is possible to gather the information that is vital to our brain, which is why, by losing this ability, it can generate a trigger of symptoms that affect the whole body. Although there may be many reasons why vision is losing its function, such as specific diseases, inadequate care, or age, before serious problems with vision occur, certain things can be done to prevent damage to our sight.

Protect your eyes

One of the best allies we can have is the sunglasses since they were designed to protect our vision from the rays and light emitted by the sun, so the lenses should not be considered as an accessory but rather as a necessity. The sun can cause damage, often irreversible, to the eyes, thus presenting cataracts or macular degeneration. That is why, no matter the age of the person, children, adults, and elders that are in an assisted living Rosarito company, must-have sunglasses.

Many of the people who exercise commonly use them, mainly those who ski because, being on a white surface, the rays bounce directly and with higher intensity. This causes the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun to go directly to our eyes and burn them, and we can lose our sight. That is why, if you are an athlete, you need special glasses to protect your eyes to avoid accidents.

Avoiding dry eyes

Dry eyes can cause discomfort such as irritation, eyestrain, poor vision, feeling like there is something in your eye, among other things. Many of these symptoms are caused by the air conditioning inside our home or work. To avoid this feeling of dry eyes, it is advisable always to have a humidifier that keeps the humidity levels in the room in optimum condition. In this way, the eye will be hydrated continuously as it will produce artificial tears.

Avoiding fatigue

Another reason why a person may have visual impairment is due to the light generated by different devices, such as computers, cell phones, or tablets, mainly when they are observed for a long time. That’s why it’s essential always to take breaks when working with these devices to avoid headaches, constant tearing, burning, and irritation. Another thing you can do besides having breaks is to use special glasses for the use of these devices, so you can better protect your vision.

Be careful with diabetes

People with this disease are very likely to have problems with their eyesight because of the high percentage of carbohydrates in their bloodstream. One of the most common diseases caused by diabetes is retinopathy, which alters the blood vessels around the eye. Also, in more severe cases, it can lead to vision loss, which is why it is so essential that all people who have this disease regularly see a specialist so that intensive care can be provided to avoid eye damage. Unique control should be taken when diabetes is accompanied by high cholesterol and blood problems.