The best hotels in Todos Santos

Located in Baja California Sur, is one of the most emblematic magic towns in all of Baja. Considered a paradise surrounded by the Sierra de la Laguna and on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Todos Santos is an ideal tourist spot for those seeking a quiet place where they can appreciate the colonial architecture. Unlike other magical towns found in the Mexican Republic, this is one of the few that are located close to the sea and still respects traditional Mexican design.

Todos Santos offers many recreational activities suitable for any age. Because of this and the atmosphere that one breathes, it is very popular among foreigners and nationals. Therefore, in this article, we will mention some of the best hotels in the area that have different amenities according to visitors’ needs.

Villa Santa Hotel

It’s a boutique hotel Todos Santos that is classified as one of the best options for those seeking a stay full of peace and having the best landscapes. Villa Santa Hotel has only eight bedrooms, which are characterized by the traditional Mexican design and that each of them is possible to appreciate different views. In case visitors want to have a bigger space, they can rent one of the different bungalows located in the middle of beautiful natural environments.

Because it is not a hotel with many rooms, it is ideal for tourists who wish to be away from so many people. Being inside a property surrounded by lots of nature, it is quite an adventure to stay in Villa Santa Cruz. This beautiful hotel has a pool, Jacuzzi, palapa attached to the coastal area, and a restaurant that offers a unique experience, The Green Room.

Hotel San Cristobal

The Hotel San Cristobal is another of the most popular estancias in Todos Santos, which, unlike other hotels in this magical town, is more recently designed and has more modern touches. It has 32 rooms distributed right around the pool, with a library, events room, and restaurant. The hotel’s focus is more on adults since it doesn’t have spaces where children can do activities, so it is an essential point to consider before completing the reservation.

The Todos Santos Inn

The main characteristic of this beautiful hotel is that it is the only one built in a historic space previously used by the sugar industry. Its reconstruction was carried out to be used as a hotel, which is one of the main ones in Todos Santos. Because it is more in the center of the magical town, it is surrounded by restaurants, galleries, and other tourist attractions, making it one of the first options for those who do not know where to stay.

Its architecture and the touches of nature that this hotel offers make it a comfortable space that encourages relaxation. Its proximity to Cachora beach makes it an ideal stay for those looking for a quiet vacation. Even though it has a pool and a nearby beach, it can be said that the hotel is not so focused on children under 12.

Visiting Todos Santos is a unique experience, but even more so if you stay at the best hotels.