How to Choose the Best Travel Hair Dryer

When we travel we often face an internal struggle of trying to pack light, but packing everything we need to look our best. From bringing multiple dresses for multiple occasions, to the right cosmetics, and the right hair styling tools, packing for a trip has become an art and a science.

The trick is to identify items that take up the most room, and find alternative solutions, and the hair dryer is the perfect place to start. Rather than pack your big, heavy blower, consider investing in a travel size hair dryer. But how do you choose the best travel hair dryer that gives you the right power and settings, while making packing a breeze?

The Best Travel Hair Dryer has Ample Power

When searching for a travel size hair dryer, look for one that delivers the same power you would find in a full size hair dryer, but that fits in the palm of your hand. The best travel hair dryers will offer that level of power while fitting in the palm of your hand. Look for a travel size hair dryer that  has a high compression turbine fan to get the power.

Get a Travel Size Hair Dryer with Multiple Heat Settings

The best travel hair dryer will have the same settings a full size device has. This includes multiple heat settings. Find a travel size hair dryer with multiple heat settings so that you can get the desired look while decreasing the time it takes to dry your hair. This can also be helpful for traveling because your hair will respond to drying differently in damp, tropical climates as compared to dry, colder ones. So the best travel hair dryer will give you several options for heat settings when drying your hair in any climate.

The Best Travel Hair Dryer has Dual Voltage

Nobody wants to deal with hotel hair dryers. They are notorious for damaging hair, causing heat damage and frizzing. This is why it is important to choose a high-quality travel size hair dryer that will keep your hair healthy while presenting a small version of a full size hair dryer with an abundance of power and custom settings. The problem is, various countries run on different voltage units. Therefore, the best travel hair dryer will have dual voltage so you can dry your locks in Moscow one day, and in Santiago the next.

Get a Lightweight Travel Hair Dryer

Not only is having a lightweight travel hair dryer important for staying within the weight limitations placed on baggage, but it is good for your wrist if the hair dryer is lightweight and will help prevent strain injuries. Some people are under the misconception that small, travel size hair dryers don’t deliver strong airflow or even heat. But the best travel hair dryer does these things, and more.

When you are able to take all of these features, benefits, and package them together, you will have the best travel hair dryer. And you can find such travel size hair dryers for $30 or less!