How to be in harmony with my body?

Currently it is very rare for a person to be in harmony with his body, because in the time in which we live is very difficult to do, because, for example, many people want to have many things and to be able to have many things it is necessary to have money, as well that that becomes our main objective. In order to have a lot of money, it is necessary to work hard and to work hard means to be stressed all the time and to pay attention to everything. The stress and bad mood that these causes can cause many diseases and conditions in our body that harm us over time.

To be in harmony with our body is necessary to put our mental health first than anything else, for example if we want to be and feel good about ourselves we must stop stressing so much and to do what we feel able to do,  is never a good idea to exploit us to do things that we cannot because that will always lead us to not feel good about ourselves. It has been proven that mental health is highly related to physical health. If a person does not have emotional stability, has fluctuations in his mood, is stressed or gets too angry, sooner or later all these changes will end up affecting the person who suffers them. This kind of things are what cause diseases and also can cause organ damage.

There are many conditions that are associated with emotions, for example, heart attacks are associated with outbursts of anger, diabetes is another disease that is also related to emotions, liver diseases are also associated with anger. We not only feed our body with food, but we also feed it with emotions and all these emotions, just like the food will be reflected in our body. Also how we treat our body will be reflected in our health. And since we are nature it is necessary to think about treating us in the most natural way without invading our body with substances or methods that although they can be very helpful for something, over time they harm us in some other way, because it is useless to solve a problem if in time another will emerge and so on.

Therefore, if we suffer from any disease or illness, we must seek the least invasive methods possible to improve our health. For example in the case of medicine, we can always resort to natural or homeopathic medicine that through herbs and other natural ingredients help us to prevent or improve certain conditions. There are also natural ways to take care of the health of our teeth, such as biological dentistry Tijuana is a place where people can perform treatments at a low cost in this type of services.

To be in harmony with our body we have to be in harmony with nature, we are part of it and if we seek to respect and care for our body we have to be part of the nature of it and that means looking for the most natural ways to heal us.