Electric Or Traditional Toothbrush?

We know that taking care of our teeth is fundamental for their proper functioning, and one of the main elements for us to look healthy and white teeth is the toothbrush. In the market there is an immense amount of toothbrushes, but…

How can we know which is the best option for our teeth?

To be able to answer this question, it is necessary that we first know the two classifications that exist in toothbrushes.

Electric toothbrush

This type of brushes compared to traditional tend to have a higher price, so it can be considered that it is for a sector of people who have more economic quantity. Although this is a factor that can stop many in their purchase, some benefits can only be obtained with the use of these brushes.

  • Significantly reduces bacterial plaque: Due to the successful movements of these brushes, bacteria deposited on the teeth may be laughed at with greater precision. Eliminating plaque helps us avoid problems such as tartar, gingivitis, cavities, among other issues.
  • Being a very gentle brush for the care of the oral cavity, it is ideal for treatments that are performed in this area, such as dental implants Tijuana. As it contains soft to moderate bristles, it helps to avoid friction between bristles and teeth. This also helps to prevent bleeding caused by significant problems.
  • They don’t cause problems with dental protection. The movements and the type of bristles that these toothbrushes present allow the dental enamel not to be removed so that the teeth can continue conserving their color, functionality, and stability.

Using this type of toothbrush allows you to dedicate more time for cleaning, which is why they are ideal for improving hygiene in the oral cavity. It has been shown to strengthen cleaning 40% more than traditional brushes. Modern electronic toothbrushes indicate to the user the stated time for a dental cleaning. It is recommended that oral hygiene lasts approximately two minutes.

Specialists in the area of dentistry have determined that if you want to improve the health of the mouth, one of the most important aspects is to implement the use of an electric toothbrush in our routine. The rotating movements presented by this device allow the cleaning to be improved, thus reducing the bacterial plaque that is deposited on teeth, gums, and tongue.

Traditional Brush

When buying one of these brushes we can find different brushes for different purposes, before making a decision about which toothbrush to buy, it is essential to know if you need a regular toothbrush or one that helps in something specific. Once the type is determined, it is necessary to always pay full attention to it:

  • The hardness of the brush. Brushes with hard bristles are not recommended.
  • Head size. It is essential that when buying a brush, we take this into account. If the head is huge, we cannot clean the teeth that are further away, so it is advisable to use a brush that contains a small or medium head.
  • Design It is recommended that the toothbrush be designed in a curved way, to improve its handling.
  • For people with different circumstances, the use of special brushes will be necessary.
  • Surgery: The bristles of this brush should be as soft as possible this in order not to hurt the affected area.
  • Orthodontics: These brushes will be recommended by the dentist, according to the needs of the patient.
  • Children: The brush should be soft-bristled and with a small head so that it is easy for the child to handle.

Definitely, the decision to choose one of these two brushes, i.e., traditional or electric, depends a lot on the preference of the person.