Does Breathing Help Burn Calories?

People are continually looking for techniques that allow us to lose weight. Some opt for tummy tuck Tijuana surgeries, others for senseless diets, some more for exhaustive exercise training, and others for more natural options. In this case, we will focus mainly on techniques that do not involve surgical interventions or exaggerated exercises.

One of the best secrets to lose weight is knowing how to breathe correctly. Of course, not only is this technique used, but it also has to be accompanied by different strategies that will allow the person to obtain the desired benefits and changes. Breathing is fundamental for our survival, and it not only consists of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, but this process has a significant impact on our cells and our organs because thanks to this action can oxygenate our entire body.

When there is proper oxygenation, it allows us to burn fats, and food can be converted into total energy. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the fat deposited inside our body is composed of three elements found in the air we inhale and expel: carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen: so at the moment of performing this action of breathing, we burn fat molecules.

That is why, when we breathe correctly, we can oxygenate our whole body and thus burn fat that we do not need. Oxygenation allows muscles to be strengthened, tissues to have more excellent stability and endurance, so it is essential to know how to breathe to obtain all these benefits.

If you really want to lose weight, breathing is one of the three most important pillars, followed by a balanced diet and constant exercise. And it is that having the contribution of the nutrients obtained by a proper diet and by strengthening the body at the time of training, allows oxygenation to improve significantly, thus achieving weight loss.

Benefits of Good Breathing

The more we take advantage of the capacity of our lungs, the better metabolism we will have, thus burning more calories.

  • Accelerate our breathing because if we do that, the only thing we will cause is the body to hyperventilation, and we will suffer from dizziness. It’s about breathing deeply, so there are better oxygenation and a higher chance of burning more calories.
  • A person who has trained their breathing can burn up to three times as many calories as an individual who does it usually.
  • It prevents inflammation because it has been proven that many of the inflammations there are due to the wrong way we have to breathe. This is because, at the time of inhaling and exhaling, the muscles that move tend to store air, and therefore there is swelling.

How can we achieve correct oxygenation?

Did you know that most people only use one-third of their lungs?

This means that the majority of the population breathes superficially. This means that the majority of the population breathes superficially. When we take this action, we do it automatically, so we don’t realize the way we do it. It is recommended that, if exercise is performed, there is awareness about our breathing; for this, we can follow these steps:

  • Take a breath through your nose; try to count up to four slowly.
  • After this, hold the air for two seconds and expel the air.
  • It is recommended that the period of these exercises be carried out for five minutes. Once accustomed to this mode of breathing, we will elevate it up to 10 minutes.

In this way, we will achieve that all our organism is oxygenated and, therefore, we will naturally burn calories.