Cosmetic Cryotherapy

The use of techniques based on low-temperature exposure has been used for a long time. Ancient civilizations used cold water or snow to treat specific injuries or illnesses that now, thanks to technology, we can implement in a simpler and deeper way.

Today, different areas of medicine and skin care make use of the famous “cryotherapy” method; for example, at a therapeutic level, it serves to treat lesions that need to be deflated, to calm pain and to reduce muscle spasm. At the dermatological level, it allows the elimination of malignant lesions by freezing the area, which destroys the tissue in a safe and controlled manner. But…

What aesthetic effects does the use of cryotherapy have?

Low temperatures provoke a rather interesting reaction in the skin which, thanks to its effects, has become popular among society. The cold, in any of its presentations, improve the appearance of the skin in a considerable way, achieving a soft and smooth skin, improves circulation and controls imperfections – such as reducing the inflammation of the pimples, reduce the appearance of pores and have a lifting effect on the face.

The methods that can be used for the application of techniques based on low temperatures, aesthetically are:

  • Cold environment or cold air- There are places where the person gets into a cabin where the air is constantly expelled.
  • Wraps or cold compresses- Aid to the corporal reduction. Cold bandages are used in the desired area, which allows the contract and prevents inflation. Many times it can be used after a body massage, especially those that are to shape the body.
  • Cold bags – Normally used when there is an injury to the body but can also be used around the eyes. Currently, there are several tools on the market that are placed around the eyes (eye cover) to reduce the bags in this area.

Cryotherapy is also a beneficial technique to lose weight. This works because when exposed to low temperatures, the body loses heat and compensates with the burning of fat deposits, which allows the reduction of localized fat. For this, the places that offer this service have a specialized cabin where the person will be exposed to very low temperatures for about 3 minutes. As well as the loss of fat, it tones the muscles, diminishes the excess of toxins of the body, improves the aspect of the skin by reducing cellulite and reaffirms the skin and improves the circulation.

We have to keep in mind that if cryotherapy is going to be used as a way to lose weight, we must have a diet that helps the effects obtained in the cabin to be more noticeable and last longer, as well as exercising regularly. For best results, more than one session is recommended. Similarly, if the person suffers from any disease, it is essential to notify the doctor first to know if this method can be used without affecting health.

There are several places in the United States that offer cryotherapy San Diego, but it is essential to attend those places where people are trained to use this method.