Cellulitis, A Prevalent Problem In Women

One of the most present aesthetic issues in women and that can generate more self-esteem problems is cellulite. This cosmetic problem is due to the excessive accumulation of fat in a particular area of the body, which produces an appearance of relief and that, to the touch, its texture is similar to a surface of granules. Although it is typically known as cellulite or orange peel skin, the correct name for this condition is hydrolipodystrophy. It is important to emphasize that this type of fat accumulation is not the same as that found in areas such as the hips or the stomach since this excess is proportional. On the other hand, as previously mentioned, cellulite tends to generate reliefs.

When there are more extensive deposits of fat, is when there are more significant problems, this because people have fibrous tissues, fluid retention and difficulties in circulation. It should be understood that this pathology doesn’t occur overnight, but it is a process that takes time and may worsen if the woman doesn’t do something about it. It is said that around 90% of women around the world have some degree of cellulite, so it is a prevalent issue in our society.

Research has determined that the appearance of cellulite is mostly due to the lifestyle that the person leads and mainly, is a hereditary issue that may increase due to hormonal, dietary, circulatory and psychological factors. That is to say:

Hormonal: Due to the hormonal changes that women present throughout their lives, it is very evident that this situation is more present in the female population so that cellulite can increase in stages such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause.

Dietetics: The fact that a woman eats more or eats less does not mean that she will have more or less cellulite, instead we refer in this factor to the consumption of toxic products that generate fluid retention and circulatory problems — products such as alcohol or cigarettes.

Circulatory: People who present some alteration in their circulatory system such as varicose veins, difficulty in lymphatic drainage, among others, can increase the presence of cellulite because there is no proper blood flow and toxins are not released.

Psychological: If a woman presents mental disorders such as anxiety or insomnia, they are more likely to generate this condition. This is due to the presence of substances that can cause changes in the nervous system such as a deficiency in the distribution of fat.

It is necessary to understand that not all cellulitis are equal, it is determined that there are three types:

  • Compact- It is the one that feels hard and with a granular texture that does not change position or shape in different postures. It is common to find this type of cellulite in areas of the body such as the thighs or the part of the knees. It is very likely that young women present this type, especially those who are thin and have good musculature.
  • Edematous – its main characteristic is that touching it can cause pain. This type is more associated with major circulatory problems. It can generate heaviness, cramps and the presence of hematomas.
  • Soft- It can move when changing posture because it is not rigid, doesn’t hurt and is usually present in areas such as thighs and arms, can be accompanied by stretch marks and is common in sedentary women.

Because cellulite affects a woman’s physical appearance, many women resort to cosmetic surgery Tijuana, with the purpose of improving the presence of the skin when performing another treatment. Therefore, it is prevalent for the female population to go to procedures where cellulite visibly decreases.