Cares for rhinoplasty

If you are very excited because you already made an appointment for a rhinoplasty for which you were saving a lot of money surely you know that for any surgery even a “low risk” can have its complications. If you already know it now you have to be investigating which ones are going to be cared for before and after (before the surgery is fully owned and then to avoid any postoperative complications). If you have had surgery before and are aware of post-operative care beware of “courage after the first operation “so it is called the lack of fear that you manage to have after your first operation. To avoid bravery, here are some tips for your next surgery.

Pre-operative care

Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty is one of the most delicate and delayed operations to notice results of our list, so here are some points of how it has to be the care you have to have before surgery

  1. Healthy Diet: After so much anesthesia on your face is likely to give you nausea, but it is normal, with a low-fat diet, especially sugar, two days before the operation is recommended to have a soft diet, this diet can be suspended after a few days when the discomfort in the stomach has gone down. After the surgery, analgesics are prescribed, do not take them with an empty stomach, this does a lot of damage and nausea may return
  2. Do not expose yourself to cold climates: One of the things you ask the most after surgery is whether you can blow the nose and it is recommended that you do not. The nose is going through a very delicate moment, and it has to be treated very delicately, that is why days or even weeks before your appointment for a nose surgery you have to be in pleasant climates and avoid as much as possible an infection, imagine being dealing with the recovery of the nose and at the same time a cold, better avoid it
  3. Drink plenty of water: Before the operation the whole body especially the nostrils have to be hydrated and also because after the surgery you will have to breathe through your mouth
  4. Be patient: this point is valid for the before, and after the operation, the results may not be as fast as you expected, so try to have realistic expectations and be patient because to notice the results of a rhinoplasty it may take up to one year.

Postoperative care

The care after a plastic surgery is very important, since it is not a simple procedure like botox Tijuana, it helps that the risks do not multiply and that the next days after there is no infection

  1. Rest: Although it was only a surgery on the nose you do not have to think that you can be jumping around the streets, you have to spend a few days resting in your house. During the first 24 hours rest should be absolute, and in the following 15 days, a moderate rest should be carried out, avoiding activities that involve intense physical effort.

2.Nose washings: After a few weeks with the nose operated it is common to have an obstruction in your nose, for that the seawater can be very helpful to heal some internal wounds, or scabs also helps a lot to hydration try to do the nasal washes 2 weeks after the operation 2 times a day and a week later once a day and then you can do it 2 times a week and stop using it.

3.Vapor: Before going to bed or after getting up with a humidifier or if you do not have one you can put a pot with water to unclog the nostrils and eradicate the dryness, to maximize the benefits of a vaporization you can add some decongestant like eucalyptus or menthol. With 3 minutes will be enough.

  1. Avoid the sun: After the operation, you will be wearing a bandage on the nose, but when it is removed try to use sunscreen to protect the area from any damage to the nose, it is recommended to do this at least 3 months after the operation

If you have many precautions with post-operative care, you will have a successful recovery, if you follow all the advice we have given you in this article you will be able to see more quickly as you did not have any infection and you can go back to your daily life. Faster and comfortably possible, of course, if your work involves a lot of physical movement we recommend you to suspend it a few days more than what is recommended. Remember that if in the next days or weeks of rhinoplasty you see any abnormality you have to go with your doctor, sometimes unfortunately not everything goes as planned, beware of fever and more if it exceeds 37.5 degrees.