3 Artists Who Got Beautiful Smiles

If there’s one thing we all admire about artists is their beautiful white smiles, not for nothing  the concept of “Hollywood Smile” come up and it’s that all the artists in this great industry have enviable smiles and although many of us may think that they are very lucky to have them and that they were born with such impeccable smiles, the truth is that this is not so, most of them were not fortunate enough to be born with an impeccable smile and were forced to undergo dental treatment to improve their image and thanks to this is that now they have this perfect appearance that we all admire and even envy.

We tend to overestimate the importance of a beautiful white smile in the appearance of a person, we focus a lot on the skin, hair, body, clothes and other things that, although they are relevant, the truth is that anyone who has these attributes and yet has a bad denture, will not look attractive at all, because we can not even notice all those attributes, the only thing we can focus on are their teeth. And although it may seem like a lie, it is a reality and to exemplify, here are some artists who used to have not very attractive dentures and who underwent dental treatment, which helped them to totally improve their image and be the idols they are today.  

Miley Cyrus

The famous Disney actress and singer who jumped to fame for playing the role of Hannah Montana in the famous Disney Channel series of the same name, used to have some defects in her teeth, however from a very early age she underwent dental treatments such as teeth whitening and some other touch-ups that helped her have the beautiful and perfect smile she has today.

Cristiano Ronaldo

This is one of the most notorious dental treatments and that have helped to improve the image, because the people who have seen photos of Cristiano Ronaldo before fixing his teeth can ensure that his teeth then gives him a totally different look and especially less attractive, however since he underwent dental treatment and got a smile with straight teeth and totally white has become an idol for many women who cannot stop talking about such an attractive appearance that has now the famous soccer player and all thanks to a change in his teeth.

David Beckham

Another of the world’s most famous soccer players and husband of the famous and attractive Victoria Beckham decided to undergo a complete overhaul of her teeth, as she previously had yellow and crooked teeth, which gave her a less attractive appearance, of course, as far as possible, because we agree that it is impossible for David Beckham to be unattractive. However, this restoration totally helped him to renew his image and become an icon of beauty that he is today.

So now you know, the smile makes the difference, and do not lose hope, not only artists have the ability to completely renew their smiles, you can also do it, you just need to look for braces in Tijuana, teeth whitening, among many other treatments that can help you look much more attractive.