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Cosmetic Cryotherapy

The use of techniques based on low-temperature exposure has been used for a long time. Ancient civilizations used cold water or snow to treat specific injuries or illnesses that now, thanks to technology, we can implement in a simpler and deeper way. Today, different areas of medicine and skin care make use of the famous …


3 Artists Who Got Beautiful Smiles

If there’s one thing we all admire about artists is their beautiful white smiles, not for nothing  the concept of “Hollywood Smile” come up and it’s that all the artists in this great industry have enviable smiles and although many of us may think that they are very lucky to have them and that they …


The Ideal Gifts For A Woman

Knowing what to give to a woman in her birthday or any other special occasion can be a very complicated task for men, because (not all), but most of them do not pay attention to small details and even though women give them clues or hints that it would be a good gift, they do …


Right Prom Dress

Choosing the right prom dresses in San Antonio is not an easy task, that kind of dresses what look like almost painted for our body, on the most important day until now and our young lives, we want to look stunning.   We have to keep in mind that the whole party presents a theme …